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Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on February 15, 2011 by Sunil Anand

“Why?” the stone cold voice asked, anger seething dangerously on the edge of insanity
“KILL” they shouted in unison
The place is crowded by ravenous blackness, pretty much closing in on all sides, claustrophobic..
“Life is a dream it never ends” a whisper floats, like mist on the tombs of a graveyard
The eyes of the voice loom over the wasted faces, pulling strings, weaving lives, destroying, creating, burning, killing..

“It’s just one big intrinsic apparatus”, the voice ponders “what if I just leave it or better..”
“KILLLL” the shouts are now screams, like hundreds of snakes shedding skins
“..destroy it”
“How many times should i do this?”
“As long as you live and as long as you feel, and as long as there is night & day.. and as long and as many times as we ask you to” rasps a voice..

It all started on a Monday morning, the doctor says “it’s done” a life is once again not lost. Years pass by, until another fine Monday when a mind got lost along with it the memories.. and yet another Monday, someone is murdered, “IT IS DONE” the voice says.
The Church, The River, The Christmas Tree, The Sea, The Street, The Cycle, The Hill, The Crowd
“How many times have you done this?” the judge asks
“I don’t remember”
“Are you trying to be mentally un-stable?”
“Doesn’t help coz you are not”
“I know”
“You have no sense of conscience, no feelings, no regrets and not fit for society”
“Who are you to decide that?” the cold voice asks
“You are a bane to humanity”
“Who gives you the right to decide someone’s fate?”
“You are hereby sentenced to the chair”

The last strap is clipped.
………..”Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”
“Do you have any last words?”
“Hahahaha” its a frozen smile that asks “Does any one have any?”
The Smile, The Touch, The Kiss, The Hand, The Knife, The Blood, The Skin

“This time its not dead, and it can never be”, the voice announces.
The screams don’t stop and they go on forever…
..and so does the voice….



Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on April 30, 2010 by Sunil Anand

He suddenly wakes up from his dream. The dream’s slowly fading away, he wants to desperately remember it.. but it is faint, and is tethered onto his mind’s eye.. rapidly and surely disappearing.. as reality goes knock, knock surging him onto a two-way blurring veil between the real and the surreal. He prefers to forget it and whoosh gone it is, with the wind. Did he drink last night? He ponders as he gets up his bed….

“Hey” says Bobby. They weren’t the best of buddies, but do get along well.
“Man, let’s have a cuppa tea”, says Venkat.
“Screw you, I need some beer”
“Screw you back #@$%… I need beer with whisky, in a real good mood today y’know.. round up our guys and let’s do it”
“Hahaha, that’s more like it!”

The day has been a blur and its almost midnight. And what a day- a fight had ensued between the landlord and him, he beat the daylights out of bobby and threw him outta the house, his (to be) girlfriend okayed a date and his best friend smoked his first cigarette.

And he remembers almost everything and goes to bed…
He suddenly wakes up from his dream….

“Hey” says Bobby. They weren’t the best of buddies, but do get along well.

Rapture in Chains

Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on November 16, 2009 by Sunil Anand


Overjoyed, they fly & soar, slowly disappearing into the dark light…

Leaving when heaving, going away, walking away…

There’s no way to stop them… Free at last…?


Somebody stop it…. them..?

Lying rusted, under the violet moon… or is it the violent moon?

“Raise your hands, and your glasses too, we will dance the whole night through…”

Why? Who are you?

Can you hear the music? Can you bear the music?

Everything ends, burns, vanishes, falls…


“…we both know what memories bring! They bring diamonds and rust.”

You can’t but look away… and neither can you look in…

See them start a riot, spinning into a tornado. RIOTING!!

Unbeknownst… slowly we rot

Blessed, Yes! Blessed are the SICKK!!


Oh Ye, Death where the fuck is your sting… eh?

Meaningless Movements! Sucking into the void of silence…

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? There is a dark tunnel for sure.


Fly away! Scarred, Beaten, Pierced, Blistered

Barren, Scared and Ignorant

Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest


Inner Self

Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on July 10, 2009 by Sunil Anand

Burning Rose09Knock! Knock!

Clatch, Creak, Crack

Whoosh…! Freezing Cold, Melted Senses, Closing Walls

Forgotten Core, Memories, Instances, Something, Nothing

Pain, Love, Relationship, Friendship, Worship!

The Loss, The Cross, Final Toss

The Fall, The Lies, The Reasons, The Intentions, Confusion?

Swirling, Twirling, Swelling, Throbbing

Possession? Obsession? Unnatural?

Move, Push, Shove, Convenience!!

Moving Images, Reality, Nature, Touch

Confused Clarity, Balanced? The Slow Rush

Lever, Flick, Break, The Light!?

Unreal, Acceptance!

Eyes, Soul, Self, OPEN


The Beginning

Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on July 5, 2009 by Sunil Anand

beginswim“In the beginning was the word- so says the good book” says the man; and continues “now don’t say so what” he talks to the dude sitting in front of him.

“Now man, don’t play around the bush why don’t you come to the point; without all this beginning and the good book stuff?”

“&^%$ off and cheers!”

“Yeah Right!”

“Yeah Right!”

“Cheers and &$#@ off!”

Well, the man says – “Don’t know when it all began dude- like what our friend says- You don’t know when you hit the water, either you drown or learn to swim”; so guess am swimming now”

“Pretty %$#@in interesting”

“Why should you abuse so much?”




“This girl dude! it just started simple and I dinno that it would go as far as me getting my head all gone and done- God Bless All (cohol)! Now that reminds me she wants me to reduce that too, and the abuses and the fags- light me one won’t you?”

“Aaah! Hahahahahhhhhhhmmmm, ahem, well, y’know, you should not smoke!”


The man and the dude bid adieu and are off to their homes. And later the man gets a call- sees the caller name and it begins again for him all over.

The Tree!

Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on June 18, 2009 by Sunil Anand

treeThe man’s standing on the road, he could see the tree- leafless but quite picturesque, not lifeless he thinks. The time’s sometime around midnight and he’s with a friend and both are equally stoned- none know the reason behind the shit! They just keep talking and walking all the time their eyes on the tree- something there is with that tree that reminds them of the fact that they can’t remember what the fuck it is. (And They Will Never)

They cross the tree yet again, knowing and feeling everything but not remembering anything. The prick remains- the barren branches reminding them of the missing memories in their heads, the skeletal stems reminding them subtly of the faded past, the crooked trunk reminding them of the foreboding future, all brinking on the certainity of an unnatural death…. and they continue!

The Tree is Dead, The Friend is Dead… and So is the Man’s Dream!