How to find a Business Lead?


Now that’s a question every entrepreneur, sales and a business development person wants answered.

Well, there are several ways – traditional and non-traditional ways to generate leads and business. I would like to put across 2 main points to be considered. Read on..

1) Find out the needs / requirements

Everyone has requirements. Be it an individual, entity, start-up, SME, MNC or a multi-million dollar conglomerate – EVERYONE needs something or the other. The key is to find out what their needs are and match them to our product / service offerings and contact them.

And how do we do that? Let’s take an use case – A ‘Non Tech’ start-up has posted on a job portal or LinkedIn that they are looking for a Mobile App Developer. And if your service includes Mobile App Development – you have a connect! Tell the client (them being a non tech firm) to take care of their core business and to outsource their Mobile App Dev requirement. Rest is all about how good your portfolio is, the costs, and the expertise.

Once you find out that the prospect has a requirement, it becomes a warm lead from a cold one and you will be practically pitching only to warm leads – thus saving your time and being more efficient.

2) Create requirement(s)

There’s always a better way to do things and things can always be ‘more better and efficient’. One just needs to put this across to the prospect party.

– A Website can always be bettered – suggest a CMS probably

– An offline business would do better by going online

– If you have a product, am sure there are prospects who would need that

– Any business with online presence needs Digital Marketing

– Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Transport, Travel, Supply Chain, BFSI, IT, ITeS, eCommerce, Gaming or any other vertical (or horizontal) all of them need to scale up.

We just need to find out how they can be bettered and what value we are adding to their business – and they WILL want it and take it!

Just remember, one needs to offer a ‘Business Solution‘ and not just any solution be it technical, staffing, digital, etc..

My 2 Pence..


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