“Why?” the stone cold voice asked, anger seething dangerously on the edge of insanity
“KILL” they shouted in unison
The place is crowded by ravenous blackness, pretty much closing in on all sides, claustrophobic..
“Life is a dream it never ends” a whisper floats, like mist on the tombs of a graveyard
The eyes of the voice loom over the wasted faces, pulling strings, weaving lives, destroying, creating, burning, killing..

“It’s just one big intrinsic apparatus”, the voice ponders “what if I just leave it or better..”
“KILLLL” the shouts are now screams, like hundreds of snakes shedding skins
“..destroy it”
“How many times should i do this?”
“As long as you live and as long as you feel, and as long as there is night & day.. and as long and as many times as we ask you to” rasps a voice..

It all started on a Monday morning, the doctor says “it’s done” a life is once again not lost. Years pass by, until another fine Monday when a mind got lost along with it the memories.. and yet another Monday, someone is murdered, “IT IS DONE” the voice says.
The Church, The River, The Christmas Tree, The Sea, The Street, The Cycle, The Hill, The Crowd
“How many times have you done this?” the judge asks
“I don’t remember”
“Are you trying to be mentally un-stable?”
“Doesn’t help coz you are not”
“I know”
“You have no sense of conscience, no feelings, no regrets and not fit for society”
“Who are you to decide that?” the cold voice asks
“You are a bane to humanity”
“Who gives you the right to decide someone’s fate?”
“You are hereby sentenced to the chair”

The last strap is clipped.
………..”Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”
“Do you have any last words?”
“Hahahaha” its a frozen smile that asks “Does any one have any?”
The Smile, The Touch, The Kiss, The Hand, The Knife, The Blood, The Skin

“This time its not dead, and it can never be”, the voice announces.
The screams don’t stop and they go on forever…
..and so does the voice….


2 Responses to “Shadows…”

  1. Well hello there! I casually came by to see if there are any new posts and I found 2. While the other one was nice and bubblegum, this one was dark and glum (damn I’m rhyming again).

    So, who is this antagonist (do we even have the right to classify anyone as such?)? {And as the ‘chair-person’ put it, ‘who gives you the right to decide someone’s fate?’}

    So well, who does? God? Or the God that mortals have led other mortals to believe exists? Some ‘holy’ men like them Aghoris propagate a God who is God in the purest sense of the word. Devoid of anything mortal like love or hate or dominance or submission. And accordingly, he doesn’t give any such “right” to anyone.

    But then if no one had any rights to decide fates, we really don’t know how bad this world would be. Or for that matter, how much better it could have been.

    It’s one of them boxing matches where both pugilists think they won.

    Just like the screams and the voice, the debate will go on forever.

  2. Sunil Anand Says:

    well, dude u got one very serious interpretation going on… interpretation is the key to good or bad.. or for that matter to god or devil…
    the antagonist / protagonist could be any one.. when i wrote this, it was the third person, neither the antagonist nor the protagonist, the %$@#&%$ middle guy u see… and no it ain’t god.. it’s something that keeps everything going i guess..
    heck, its some ultra sh!t u got me into writing 😛

    and ya, the screams & the voice ARE forever!

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