Life is Beautiful!

Now it’s been one heck of a long break since I penned any thoughts! Well, was pretty stuck up with life, running, walking (literally), and catching up with things, still at it, *phew!! One fine day(s) you realize that TIME (reminds me of Anthrax’s – Persistence of Time :D) has gone behind you – missing out on all the good things like .. you know.., etc., etc.,

Man, is life good, heck yeah it is… all the $#!t that happens is all part of it… things keep happening, guess we should not let those bog us down! The other day I was catching up with some of my very old friends (we been through some pretty interesting stuff I should say) and we realized that we have come a long way—some 13 years or so.. talking of the good old days (now we ARE F#@$in old :P), of all the fights, deaths, breakups, marriages, craziness, and what not.. most of us did end up surviving successfully hahahahaha.. bloody nice!

One thing I kind of realized over the time is that, all bad things come to an end (as against “all good things come to an end”) well may be a little late.  But they do come to end, and the good stuff are forever..! good stuff like your dreams, aspirations, hope, confidence, soul, creativity, mind (even if you go crazy :D), imagination, etc., they just stay with you and no one can take them away except ourselves! The so called “bad” stuff are no match, they come and go! May be pain is an exception, screw it 🙂

Otherwise, life is going on ppl, been reading quite some books, catching up some old music (Cynic, Voivod to name a couple) doing some IT consulting stuff (on the verge of something exciting there), full fledged push for DogmaTone Records and yeah as usual partying (that’s something that bloody never gives up on me even if I do)



One Response to “Life is Beautiful!”

  1. When I was you, you were blind my brother.

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