Plain & Simple

We sometimes forget how plain and simple things are, and end up just complicating them. Well, there are several reasons behind that- primarily being our own “self”, the ego, beliefs, the people around, experiences, etc., etc., and we end up just complicating things further n further. Not able to fathom that we are conspiring against ourselves.

Life is just so passé that everyone thinks that it is their own and everyday something new is cropping, whereas the irony is that we just ride along about the paths already trodden and which are so barren that anything new is just not acceptable. Forget acceptable it’s just plain dead.

And sometimes, things change (that’s what we think) and we are screwed headlong and end up trying to balance n to come in terms with these changes. That’s too pathetically funny and hilarious to say the least. See the way I am writing this $h!t, titled “Plain & Simple” in such a complicated manner- just shows how many nails are there in the proverbial, damned, left-to-rot coffin.

We can just go about living life the way it’s supposed to be lived. Yeah! goin with the flow believing in what we do, the decisions we make, without any regrets, forgiving n forgetting, enjoying, being happy & sometimes losing ourselves. Nothing bad in that eh? You are anyways goin to die in the end and most probably end up in hell for all you know or whoever the hell (irony!irony!everywhere) decides that.


3 Responses to “Plain & Simple”

  1. Well, a rather sombre and might I say, ’emoptional’ post mistah Solo… Guess you went ‘so low’ (within the depths of your heart) and emerged solo.

    Forgive and forget… yes a virtue. Hard for us mere mortals, but then when one realises that there’s little one can do other than forgive (maybe not forget), then it becomes much more easier. After that what can we achieve by not forgetting? Burn in our own personal hell of wrath and fury? While the other wanders in her (or his) own personal hell of guilt and dilemma.

  2. wasn’t a ‘so low’ effort mist-err.. just the result of a long pending blog entry is all..
    btw u might as well add another F word to the forgive n forget duo, eh? much better that way.. n y’know wat? forgetting is better than forgiving, personally that is…

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