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Life IS an Oxymoron!

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on December 10, 2009 by Sunil Anand

Don’t YOU think so? Hell, looks like my topics to write come up only through conversations, as is this one…!

Yeah, I do believe that Life is just another oxymoron- its good & bad, twisted & smooth, bitter & sweet, soft & hard, sad & happy etc., etc.,  one thing’s for sure though (considering my regular conclusion) – we are all morons! 😛

Well, was listening to the band Children of Bodom and was talking to a friend when this topic came up.. and yeah, COB! after a long time listening to them was one good feeling. The band’s name by the way is inspired by a river named – “Bodom” where some children died under mysterious circumstances- and well these guys pretty unabashedly fronted by Mr. Alexi- do create a very tight aura of blasting guitars, bloody blackened and commercial at that. “Angels Don’t Kill” – listen to it! Just because I was listening to it when I am typing this !haha”hail metal forever”haha!

So, if life’s an oxymoron- what’s death? No clue..! mebbe something more simple than life eh? Anyways.. it’s good that this ‘oxymoron’ is quite funny most of the times, depends on how one looks at it though.. as an oxymoron, is something to be laughed at or is something a little non-straightforward.. so is life- so we should just let it be and not fret much about it… I Think!

Now Go Listen To Some Metal!