Rapture in Chains


Overjoyed, they fly & soar, slowly disappearing into the dark light…

Leaving when heaving, going away, walking away…

There’s no way to stop them… Free at last…?


Somebody stop it…. them..?

Lying rusted, under the violet moon… or is it the violent moon?

“Raise your hands, and your glasses too, we will dance the whole night through…”

Why? Who are you?

Can you hear the music? Can you bear the music?

Everything ends, burns, vanishes, falls…


“…we both know what memories bring! They bring diamonds and rust.”

You can’t but look away… and neither can you look in…

See them start a riot, spinning into a tornado. RIOTING!!

Unbeknownst… slowly we rot

Blessed, Yes! Blessed are the SICKK!!


Oh Ye, Death where the fuck is your sting… eh?

Meaningless Movements! Sucking into the void of silence…

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? There is a dark tunnel for sure.


Fly away! Scarred, Beaten, Pierced, Blistered

Barren, Scared and Ignorant

Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest



One Response to “Rapture in Chains”

  1. Rapturous word for word, that’s one piece-ful connotation that splits peace (of mind) to pieces.

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