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Angry Again!!

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on September 12, 2009 by Sunil Anand


Anger!! Aaaah!!

“Enraged my mind starts to smoke, Enforce a mental overload, Angry again, angry again, angry”- Dave Mustaine; Its always nice to think of this feeling, characteristic, or whatever of a downer or a high it is… We do get angry sometimes, angry at someone, angry with ourselves, angry with the circumstances, angry with life, angry at people, and even angry at everything… its not always controllable and should say is one mind twister, come to think of it.

Just wanted to pen down some anger statements, that I would have felt or would have come up with, so here goes…

I am so angry –

I can fight the devil himself

I want to see everything and everybody burn

I wanna kill and be killed

I wanna break something

…rather break someone’s bones, pull the bone out, and shove it through that someone’s throat!!

I can cry, wail, howl and scream

I can just forget everything

That everything is blurred and inexistent

There is nothing I can do, see, feel, touch and hear

Hahahahahaha, that was relieving!! The thing about anger is that you don’t realize its downside until you lose control over it and commit a mistake, like hurting someone… well, it does help sometimes to be angry- to get things done… and yeah always is good to vent out one’s anger in some way or the other rather than penting it up inside. It does bring the twisted, screwed up, evil, devil and all that bull$#!* outside.

As Mr. Jerry Cantrell echoes – “Anger rising up inside him yet again…Devil rising up inside him yet again”


Afraid of Not Dying, But of Not Living

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on September 1, 2009 by Sunil Anand

aondbonlTime is something classic and twisted n screwed up and what not…! Its been a while since I posted here, basically for lack of time and the frigging forever -patience!  Yeah, the past month or so has been pretty hectic(?), rough, and breakneck paced… hadn’t listened to much music, and yeah finished a book “SHE” by Rider Haggard- that too after over some 2-3 months… pretty interesting read though, of how anything evil can also be justified by love.. as long as the reason is the latter! (Friggin Fools all around I say.. P.S. Don’t know why  I said that, just wanted to say is all)

So, coming to the this dying & living thing, guess its always good to “live” life,  which we anyways do, probably without even knowing that we are not.. (heck who cares eh?) its just one big oxymoron, “afraid of not dying, but of not living” what was i even thinking, but yeah it was more of an impromptu statement that came up when i was chatting with another sole soul, who ended up suggesting i write something about it, and here i end up doing exactly that.

Fading / burning out / death is most probably the only end that everything will face.. so why bother. The only thing that matters is the ever effervescent, twisted, neck snapping, all crunching, problematic, confusing, screwed up etc., etc., – LIFE.. all depends on how its faced and lived and not the other way round. *%$#^#@ atypical of me stating the negative, yeah there’s a lot of good stuff  in life like friends, family, love etc., ..just that its end is a little unnerving.

Not to forget that “time” is the ruling / deciding f#$@&%@ factor here! That’s fine I guess, knowing both of them are in our hands, as in how we face them…