Inner Self

Burning Rose09Knock! Knock!

Clatch, Creak, Crack

Whoosh…! Freezing Cold, Melted Senses, Closing Walls

Forgotten Core, Memories, Instances, Something, Nothing

Pain, Love, Relationship, Friendship, Worship!

The Loss, The Cross, Final Toss

The Fall, The Lies, The Reasons, The Intentions, Confusion?

Swirling, Twirling, Swelling, Throbbing

Possession? Obsession? Unnatural?

Move, Push, Shove, Convenience!!

Moving Images, Reality, Nature, Touch

Confused Clarity, Balanced? The Slow Rush

Lever, Flick, Break, The Light!?

Unreal, Acceptance!

Eyes, Soul, Self, OPEN



One Response to “Inner Self”

  1. That’s conflict, turmoil and redemption – all packaged into one lifetime.

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