The Beginning

beginswim“In the beginning was the word- so says the good book” says the man; and continues “now don’t say so what” he talks to the dude sitting in front of him.

“Now man, don’t play around the bush why don’t you come to the point; without all this beginning and the good book stuff?”

“&^%$ off and cheers!”

“Yeah Right!”

“Yeah Right!”

“Cheers and &$#@ off!”

Well, the man says – “Don’t know when it all began dude- like what our friend says- You don’t know when you hit the water, either you drown or learn to swim”; so guess am swimming now”

“Pretty %$#@in interesting”

“Why should you abuse so much?”




“This girl dude! it just started simple and I dinno that it would go as far as me getting my head all gone and done- God Bless All (cohol)! Now that reminds me she wants me to reduce that too, and the abuses and the fags- light me one won’t you?”

“Aaah! Hahahahahhhhhhhmmmm, ahem, well, y’know, you should not smoke!”


The man and the dude bid adieu and are off to their homes. And later the man gets a call- sees the caller name and it begins again for him all over.


One Response to “The Beginning”

  1. Zooper! I was laughing even while reading it. That’s a slice of life! The man talkin about his… Aren’t you happy I’m not so much in a rhyming mood, yeah?

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