The Tree!

treeThe man’s standing on the road, he could see the tree- leafless but quite picturesque, not lifeless he thinks. The time’s sometime around midnight and he’s with a friend and both are equally stoned- none know the reason behind the shit! They just keep talking and walking all the time their eyes on the tree- something there is with that tree that reminds them of the fact that they can’t remember what the fuck it is. (And They Will Never)

They cross the tree yet again, knowing and feeling everything but not remembering anything. The prick remains- the barren branches reminding them of the missing memories in their heads, the skeletal stems reminding them subtly of the faded past, the crooked trunk reminding them of the foreboding future, all brinking on the certainity of an unnatural death…. and they continue!

The Tree is Dead, The Friend is Dead… and So is the Man’s Dream!


3 Responses to “The Tree!”

  1. Amid all the hilarity of your style of writing, lies this emotional surge. And yer blog bringeth an urge. To splurge. Ok I’m losing track. Better than losing my religion. Or is that relations? 🙂 All relative. And I’m bloody elative… sorry, elated.

    Kay… Reminds me of the truth (of course) and Floyd-va’s Time… One day you find, 10 (or more) years have got behind.

  2. COOL One! I would say, has made a new way, into your thoughts astray.
    Very poetic induction, and lovely rendition, from your emotional disposition.

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