..Of All Things Nice ‘N Sweet!

winechocolate-b“Let me introduce myself….  …What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine too” – God Bless Metal! and yeah the band Megadeth, which is basically a seed grown out of the ground which Metallica also belonged to.  Dave Mustaine the head behind and inside of Megadeth was ousted out of Metallica due to his drug addiction and he ended up forming Megadeth (which means a a million deaths)… yeah fine!

So, how to be sweet and nice? ever thought of that? guess it just flows eh? Now what happens if a person asks you to be ‘a little more’ sweeter?  leaves one thinking!!! now i’ve been thinking, trying, doing (?), writing (?), talking “sweet” and yeah it seems am getting better it seems… for all ya chums out there who know me, guess u know who am talking about!! 😀

Btw I told that, am not the kind of sweeter or watever person expected, and the answer was like i just need some polishing thats all. Letsee how it goes, sometimes am like shocked of myself after the responses/replies/talking i do.. same way like i feel after everytime I write something on this blog!

AND I was thinking about this… after this, I should just start writing Fiction! Will that be “sweeter”, I wonder! 😉 now,  now, now, i could just bang my head to some music or probably to some &%$#@&% tupperware or something!


2 Responses to “..Of All Things Nice ‘N Sweet!”

  1. Well… ahem… Awwrite.. What do the following beget in that Stone Sour (?) heart of yers? – Candlelight, Bryan Adams, Flowers, Candy. If it is what I think it is, then my brother, I’ve seen the writing on the wall.

    And… cannot erase it, coz the wall is too tall. All in all, sweetness is just another brick in the wall of your heart.

    Wall, Tall, now Grall… err., Growl!

    • Sunil Anand Says:

      sweetness.. another brick in the wall… of my heart?? maan u r funny :)) guess “it’s going down” — thats a song 😉

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