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All She Wrote

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on June 28, 2009 by Sunil Anand


U r the one with whom i can b myself..

U r the one who makes me feel nice n gud of being a woman.

N watevr bad qualities u talk abt,

i like u the way u r. 🙂

the way u treat me is increasin my love 4 u day by day.

Cant imagine spendin even a single day without u, without talking 2 u, without thinkin abt u, without seein u.

Life hs indeed become beautiful after i met u. 🙂

i guess no one hs touchd my heart like this before.

thanks 4 everything!

Thanks 4 being there 4 me!

Love u more than i love myself! :-*


The Tree!

Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on June 18, 2009 by Sunil Anand

treeThe man’s standing on the road, he could see the tree- leafless but quite picturesque, not lifeless he thinks. The time’s sometime around midnight and he’s with a friend and both are equally stoned- none know the reason behind the shit! They just keep talking and walking all the time their eyes on the tree- something there is with that tree that reminds them of the fact that they can’t remember what the fuck it is. (And They Will Never)

They cross the tree yet again, knowing and feeling everything but not remembering anything. The prick remains- the barren branches reminding them of the missing memories in their heads, the skeletal stems reminding them subtly of the faded past, the crooked trunk reminding them of the foreboding future, all brinking on the certainity of an unnatural death…. and they continue!

The Tree is Dead, The Friend is Dead… and So is the Man’s Dream!

..Of All Things Nice ‘N Sweet!

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on June 3, 2009 by Sunil Anand

winechocolate-b“Let me introduce myself….  …What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine too” – God Bless Metal! and yeah the band Megadeth, which is basically a seed grown out of the ground which Metallica also belonged to.  Dave Mustaine the head behind and inside of Megadeth was ousted out of Metallica due to his drug addiction and he ended up forming Megadeth (which means a a million deaths)… yeah fine!

So, how to be sweet and nice? ever thought of that? guess it just flows eh? Now what happens if a person asks you to be ‘a little more’ sweeter?  leaves one thinking!!! now i’ve been thinking, trying, doing (?), writing (?), talking “sweet” and yeah it seems am getting better it seems… for all ya chums out there who know me, guess u know who am talking about!! 😀

Btw I told that, am not the kind of sweeter or watever person expected, and the answer was like i just need some polishing thats all. Letsee how it goes, sometimes am like shocked of myself after the responses/replies/talking i do.. same way like i feel after everytime I write something on this blog!

AND I was thinking about this… after this, I should just start writing Fiction! Will that be “sweeter”, I wonder! 😉 now,  now, now, i could just bang my head to some music or probably to some &%$#@&% tupperware or something!