The Learning Curve

371_downward_spiralWe keep learning all our life.. “life is a lesson you learn it when your through” – Limp Bizkit (of all the bands). So, we keep learning all our life through – new things, experiences, people, times, circumstances, changes, fears, thoughts, etc.  These days, guess am also going through a learning curve or is it a line (does it matter?) of how to be more ahem, cooler 😀 heck as i said “things” do effect people. But some times one may draw a line to the curve where one might “not” want to learn somethings, happens… now can we call this the “Unlearning Curve”? hmmm…

Coming back to my old self – was listening to this band 3 Doors Down some time back- pretty tight band, excellent music, more of a funky and alternative rock, with the right mix of sombre metal… they could be like a happier and funkier “Katatonia”

Taking a cue from S.King (once seen, can’t be unseen fame), i think once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it. You can Forget Maybe? So well, am learning some interesting aspects these days guess not even 10% closer to the end of the line.. but yeah will get there sooner or maybe quite later, rather before its too late.. \m/


One Response to “The Learning Curve”

  1. Learning and unlearning. Hmm… Yer right. The unlearning is bloody hard. But the dilution is bloody easy. Golden liquid assists in the dilution, but then it’s the damn red liquid within that retains the ‘learnt’ even in the DNA!

    What was all that about? Well, just the habit of babble, something I learnt. Now, trying to unlearn!

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