blue_moonYa that’s the state of my mind usually, and it is quite nice that way. Imagine something empty and try to feel that, its pretty refreshing and i dare say invigorating. This feeling can be related to what.. well- silence for one, now both of them go hand-in-hand or do they? they supplement each other for sure! Is there something called Empty Silence? “guess ” that’s an oxymoron eh!

Reminds me of Slayer’s – “Silent Scream” now this song’s nowhere close to being or even remotely related to silence. As is the case with most of them Slayer songs. Just rips through with Tom’s vocal strains (he can “Sing” maaaan!!) leaving everything shattered and screaming inside, with Mr. King handling the ripping, Lombard the bashing (or is it Bostaph?), and Araya bassing away to hell…. and well you will be cool & silent outside though! Btw, am listening to this black (n a little death thrown in) metal band called “1349” as I type this crap, decent guys- not much to write home about yet.

I believe Silence is more in touch with reality as compared to Emptiness, and is more scarier than the later. Reality is anyways more screwed up than Fiction. As the harbinger of everything fictional, Mr. Stephen King says- “Fiction is the truth inside the lie, and the truth of this fiction is simple enough: the magic exists”. Basically, imagine either living in silence (and knowing everything) or living being empty (knowing and not knowing and giving a $#!t) which is better?!


One Response to “Empty”

  1. Hmm… An empty state of mind. If that’s your state of mind usually and if you face it time and again, damn you’re a lucky effer! How I would trade a pound of flesh for that state. Dammit. Emptiness in the head from time to time is bloody desirable.

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