hmmmm… -this is the 2nd time am using this as a starting “word” in this blog-, and the first time am “writing” on behest of someone’s suggestion.

Accept is such a strong word – we accept everything that happens around us, guess there is no other way rt? We accept all the things as the way of life- be it bad, good, ugly, religion, life itself, death, love, defeat, hatred, friends and everything in between, below, above and around. But some or rather several times, everyone will face the stark truth (now that’s something to write about) which will push one to non-acceptance of something(s) – say loss, for instance. We will develop this stubbornness over time, that becomes part of us and we tend to not accept some aspects of life. The funny part is that you won’t accept this “stubbornness”as well.

As is the case, am listening to “Iron Maiden” for a change as am typing this, but guess there is nothing new to say about this band – except probably that their name refers to a medieval torture machine – basically a coffin kind of box with metal spikes inside it, in which the “condemned” are placed and the door is closed.

Adjustment, yeah that’s probably a twisted synonym for acceptance(?). Guess, it is fine to accept things and adjust with whatever’s happening around and living. The positive point of all this stuff is that you Live and stay Happy, if not you just have to adjust with it and continue so…basically there’s everything to it…. else there’s nothing to it!


2 Responses to “Acceptance”

  1. well, both ‘acceptance’ and ‘adjustment’ are good in their own way unless it is blindly done and unless it hurts someone.

  2. Well, stubbornness indeed is such an integral (no important though) part of our lives and living (there’s a difference). And while acceptance is often declined, denied and delayed by us, we have to go through with that. Often hurting our own selves. But hey… we were meant to be punching bags for the big guy ehh! 😀

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