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The Learning Curve

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on May 27, 2009 by Sunil Anand

371_downward_spiralWe keep learning all our life.. “life is a lesson you learn it when your through” – Limp Bizkit (of all the bands). So, we keep learning all our life through – new things, experiences, people, times, circumstances, changes, fears, thoughts, etc.  These days, guess am also going through a learning curve or is it a line (does it matter?) of how to be more ahem, cooler 😀 heck as i said “things” do effect people. But some times one may draw a line to the curve where one might “not” want to learn somethings, happens… now can we call this the “Unlearning Curve”? hmmm…

Coming back to my old self – was listening to this band 3 Doors Down some time back- pretty tight band, excellent music, more of a funky and alternative rock, with the right mix of sombre metal… they could be like a happier and funkier “Katatonia”

Taking a cue from S.King (once seen, can’t be unseen fame), i think once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it. You can Forget Maybe? So well, am learning some interesting aspects these days guess not even 10% closer to the end of the line.. but yeah will get there sooner or maybe quite later, rather before its too late.. \m/



Posted in Writing's on the Wall on May 20, 2009 by Sunil Anand

blue_moonYa that’s the state of my mind usually, and it is quite nice that way. Imagine something empty and try to feel that, its pretty refreshing and i dare say invigorating. This feeling can be related to what.. well- silence for one, now both of them go hand-in-hand or do they? they supplement each other for sure! Is there something called Empty Silence? “guess ” that’s an oxymoron eh!

Reminds me of Slayer’s – “Silent Scream” now this song’s nowhere close to being or even remotely related to silence. As is the case with most of them Slayer songs. Just rips through with Tom’s vocal strains (he can “Sing” maaaan!!) leaving everything shattered and screaming inside, with Mr. King handling the ripping, Lombard the bashing (or is it Bostaph?), and Araya bassing away to hell…. and well you will be cool & silent outside though! Btw, am listening to this black (n a little death thrown in) metal band called “1349” as I type this crap, decent guys- not much to write home about yet.

I believe Silence is more in touch with reality as compared to Emptiness, and is more scarier than the later. Reality is anyways more screwed up than Fiction. As the harbinger of everything fictional, Mr. Stephen King says- “Fiction is the truth inside the lie, and the truth of this fiction is simple enough: the magic exists”. Basically, imagine either living in silence (and knowing everything) or living being empty (knowing and not knowing and giving a $#!t) which is better?!


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on May 11, 2009 by Sunil Anand


I have the habit of using the word “Twisted”– especially in sentences like “man thats twisted”, “you are such a twisted mo-fo”, “everything’s twisted”, etc, etc.,  .word this behind shit some goes here so. guess i ,back years 4-3 some since word this using started i think I (note for the reader- the past 2 sentences are supposed to be read backwards – cudnt do more than 2 lines) –  Basically, refering to everything thats not right, or out of place- like was watching this movie- “BackDraft” where Mr. DeNiro goes rambling about FIRE – “It breathes, it eats and it hates. The only way to beat it is to think like it . . . the only way to truly kill it is to love it a little.” … the f#@k was that!!! probably twisted…

now now now… am listening to Linkin Park after QUITE some time – they were pretty gud, rather pioneers of the so called nu-metal of the commercially sky rocketing kind, with dual dueling vocals as boost … as the saying goes too much of something is bad enough, so our dear friends had to sky rocket into the stratosphere completely disappearing off – but they were fun till they lasted – as their most heavier ditto goes – “I find the answers aren’t so clear – Wish I could find a way to disappear” which unfortunately they did…

…so everything’s twisted i guess, hell even the earth rotates and revolves at the same time, that too in its own $#@%&#@ axis- this writing is crazy maaan! and ya to boot it, to kick it, to whatever it – along with everything, everybody is also twisted -if they don’t know then they are yet to realize it, that’s all there is to it.


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on May 5, 2009 by Sunil Anand

hmmmm… -this is the 2nd time am using this as a starting “word” in this blog-, and the first time am “writing” on behest of someone’s suggestion.

Accept is such a strong word – we accept everything that happens around us, guess there is no other way rt? We accept all the things as the way of life- be it bad, good, ugly, religion, life itself, death, love, defeat, hatred, friends and everything in between, below, above and around. But some or rather several times, everyone will face the stark truth (now that’s something to write about) which will push one to non-acceptance of something(s) – say loss, for instance. We will develop this stubbornness over time, that becomes part of us and we tend to not accept some aspects of life. The funny part is that you won’t accept this “stubbornness”as well.

As is the case, am listening to “Iron Maiden” for a change as am typing this, but guess there is nothing new to say about this band – except probably that their name refers to a medieval torture machine – basically a coffin kind of box with metal spikes inside it, in which the “condemned” are placed and the door is closed.

Adjustment, yeah that’s probably a twisted synonym for acceptance(?). Guess, it is fine to accept things and adjust with whatever’s happening around and living. The positive point of all this stuff is that you Live and stay Happy, if not you just have to adjust with it and continue so…basically there’s everything to it…. else there’s nothing to it!