Never ever has this occured to me, (neither before nor after) that changes will effect me – rather i was in the frame of mind where no matter how much things change around, I would never. BUT I WAS WRONG!! – I still don’t want to accept it though, but happens i guess, proves that am not that resistant and there are definitely cracks. Changes did happen in the past (thankfully) but I thought they would not happen again- this time am not thankful- just accepting it, in a positive sense.

Now as usual, am listening to music as i write this.. “Holy Diver” by DIO – and what an amazing singer this guy the resounding vocals especially- he has fronted giants like “Black Sabbath” and “Rainbow”(Ritchie Blackmore’s) and for his &^%$#@! small physical stature- he surely could bring any one thrice his height onto their knees… with just one shout!

…., changes are good – as the hoary old chestnut of a saying goes “Change is the only thing constant” (duh! something like that) – and yeah one major change is that i am doing things that i don’t- like writing in a blog … so this leaves me with one question.. Are we driven by change or is change driven by us?

who cares eh? 😉


3 Responses to “Changes”

  1. The funny thing about change is that when you need it most, it doesn’t happen 🙂

  2. pretty simpler this time hence could be easily understood 😛
    btw what changes r u talking abt ? 😉

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