Doom Mood!

Yeah, its a pretty cool mood to be in eh? I guess one day I will surely write good things about suicide!!!

This band Electric Wizard- i was listening to their album “Dopethrone” (!what a name!) doom to the core, what else can one say about an album that starts with words like “When you get into one of these groups, there’s only a couple of ways you can get out. One, is death; the other, is mental institutions.” I rest my case…!

There are always moody screwed up swings that everyone has every time, and its pretty inspiring – depends on the interpretation that is. Now, I have no clue what I’ve just said. Just proves the prior statement. A reverend had once said in one of his sermons that one of the (several) sins is being partaking in Perverse Pleasures; he was actually referring to people who like – being in pain, self loathing, self denial, maintaining low self esteem etc, etc., i guess some people do that… atleast these doom metal musicians which ofcourse they have to do to maintain their essence, concept or whatever shit that is.

Just listen to the music, and u cant even head bang, its more like having a roller onto ur head. Both lyrically and musically.

Melancholy! Darkness! Welcome!


One Response to “Doom Mood!”

  1. Super post. Had me thinking about the mind of a mad-man. That metaphor used because lyrics by doom metal bands (the death / mental institution remark exemplifies this!) seem to be written by some crazy genius. Not crazy in the stark-raving-mad manner. But crazy as in psyched up brain; twisted, cryptic and yes, tragic.

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