What excites us? – new things/phases/starts, end of waits, challenges, opposite sex, music, nature, life, death (probably for some?), love, making love, memories, thoughts (empty or otherwise), pain (reminds me of: “My Pain is caused by my Pleasure” – GodSmack), doping, drinking, sitting under a moonlit sea shore sky, alone atop a hill, questions, answers, unanswered questions, wants, movies, etc., etc.,

Then, am listening to this band – “A Perfect Circle” – a very cool side project of James Maynard Keenan of “TOOL” (which is another superb band)… blasting this song “Believe” a pretty sober yet a primal piece much akin to the signature Tool sound. (I will talk about Tool some other day)

so there are lots of things that excite us. Life’s pretty exciting, exciting times come and go. Now there’s a downer to this as well, come to think of it -excitement as such is more a positive feeling, then again NO! – its just an empty feeling that fades off—- pretty damn quick at that, before u even know.

But feels good as long as it lasts ain’t it?


3 Responses to “Excitement”

  1. Feels good as long as it lasts. Yes. But what if it lasts forever? Boredom? Pessimism? Anti-incumbency? So, that brings us to the next question: To feel good, should it not be everlasting? Should it have a deadline to bask in the goodness?

  2. Sunil Anand Says:

    hmmm.. but i believe nothing lasts, especially the “good”. Its not like a deadline, guess its more of a good – bad – good cycle. what say?

  3. Hmm. I agree. With a slight modification though – Good. Bad. Super-bad. Bad. And then super-good. 🙂

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