… yeah that’s what life’s all about!

have you ever felt the nothingness that surrounds us? – i am damn sure if not felt it’s been ignored…i don’t know i,,, think one does get disillusioned with whatever shit is happening around.. it doesn’t matter anymore i guess! yeah nothing seems to matter…
surely this is a bad sign, or is it not? hmmm…

well, 😉 am listening to this band called – MESHUGGAH – and man are they some heavy metal mo-fos, kinda dronal and more weightier in their approach… anyways will take time for that to seep into…

the thing is to balance this confusion, with life and go on.. coz &%$#@*&%$#@ nothing else matters (now i have another confusion whether to use abusive language here or not, get my fucking pint?! sorry point :D).. so, lets all just chuck it, get confused, stay confused, act confused, live confused, die confused. and to top it off lets all try to balance it as well, now thats one hardcore Atom Heart Mother (courtesy Pink Floyd)!


One Response to “Confusion”

  1. confused indeed ! :-/

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