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Posted in Writing's on the Wall on April 30, 2009 by Sunil Anand

Never ever has this occured to me, (neither before nor after) that changes will effect me – rather i was in the frame of mind where no matter how much things change around, I would never. BUT I WAS WRONG!! – I still don’t want to accept it though, but happens i guess, proves that am not that resistant and there are definitely cracks. Changes did happen in the past (thankfully) but I thought they would not happen again- this time am not thankful- just accepting it, in a positive sense.

Now as usual, am listening to music as i write this.. “Holy Diver” by DIO – and what an amazing singer this guy the resounding vocals especially- he has fronted giants like “Black Sabbath” and “Rainbow”(Ritchie Blackmore’s) and for his &^%$#@! small physical stature- he surely could bring any one thrice his height onto their knees… with just one shout!

…., changes are good – as the hoary old chestnut of a saying goes “Change is the only thing constant” (duh! something like that) – and yeah one major change is that i am doing things that i don’t- like writing in a blog … so this leaves me with one question.. Are we driven by change or is change driven by us?

who cares eh? 😉


Doom Mood!

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on April 23, 2009 by Sunil Anand

Yeah, its a pretty cool mood to be in eh? I guess one day I will surely write good things about suicide!!!

This band Electric Wizard- i was listening to their album “Dopethrone” (!what a name!) doom to the core, what else can one say about an album that starts with words like “When you get into one of these groups, there’s only a couple of ways you can get out. One, is death; the other, is mental institutions.” I rest my case…!

There are always moody screwed up swings that everyone has every time, and its pretty inspiring – depends on the interpretation that is. Now, I have no clue what I’ve just said. Just proves the prior statement. A reverend had once said in one of his sermons that one of the (several) sins is being partaking in Perverse Pleasures; he was actually referring to people who like – being in pain, self loathing, self denial, maintaining low self esteem etc, etc., i guess some people do that… atleast these doom metal musicians which ofcourse they have to do to maintain their essence, concept or whatever shit that is.

Just listen to the music, and u cant even head bang, its more like having a roller onto ur head. Both lyrically and musically.

Melancholy! Darkness! Welcome!


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on April 17, 2009 by Sunil Anand

What excites us? – new things/phases/starts, end of waits, challenges, opposite sex, music, nature, life, death (probably for some?), love, making love, memories, thoughts (empty or otherwise), pain (reminds me of: “My Pain is caused by my Pleasure” – GodSmack), doping, drinking, sitting under a moonlit sea shore sky, alone atop a hill, questions, answers, unanswered questions, wants, movies, etc., etc.,

Then, am listening to this band – “A Perfect Circle” – a very cool side project of James Maynard Keenan of “TOOL” (which is another superb band)… blasting this song “Believe” a pretty sober yet a primal piece much akin to the signature Tool sound. (I will talk about Tool some other day)

so there are lots of things that excite us. Life’s pretty exciting, exciting times come and go. Now there’s a downer to this as well, come to think of it -excitement as such is more a positive feeling, then again NO! – its just an empty feeling that fades off—- pretty damn quick at that, before u even know.

But feels good as long as it lasts ain’t it?


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on April 10, 2009 by Sunil Anand

… yeah that’s what life’s all about!

have you ever felt the nothingness that surrounds us? – i am damn sure if not felt it’s been ignored…i don’t know i,,, think one does get disillusioned with whatever shit is happening around.. it doesn’t matter anymore i guess! yeah nothing seems to matter…
surely this is a bad sign, or is it not? hmmm…

well, 😉 am listening to this band called – MESHUGGAH – and man are they some heavy metal mo-fos, kinda dronal and more weightier in their approach… anyways will take time for that to seep into…

the thing is to balance this confusion, with life and go on.. coz &%$#@*&%$#@ nothing else matters (now i have another confusion whether to use abusive language here or not, get my fucking pint?! sorry point :D).. so, lets all just chuck it, get confused, stay confused, act confused, live confused, die confused. and to top it off lets all try to balance it as well, now thats one hardcore Atom Heart Mother (courtesy Pink Floyd)!

Life Ass”a”ssed

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on April 5, 2009 by Sunil Anand
Ass Good Ass it Gets

Ass Good Ass it Gets


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on April 3, 2009 by Sunil Anand

you gotta live, you live
you know! you can’t do anything about it
you know! you can do something about it
everything is screwed up, let it be
nothing is screwed up, let it be
things are awry, they can be set right
you can’t fix it, remix it (Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails)
you love somebody, set them free (Sting & The Police)
things are bound to go wrong, they will
When the levee breaks I’ll have no place to stay (Led Zeppelin)
you don’t give a f()€|<, everything will be fine

When you just live…
… you die!

Reminds me of Jason Becker’s quote – “We live thinking we will never die. We die thinking we had never lived. Cut it out.”