Empty! Numb! Indifference! Careless!(?) Aloof! — are these good feelings or are they bad, or who cares? eh… anyways, everyone feel “these” occasionally – that should be a friggin’ irony… but what if this feeling is a part of life, rather a way of life.

What then!?

Who gives a shit!

The feelings will be there, we will be there, everything goes on, life goes on (we don’t). Well then – as Mr. Rob Zombie put it, i feel so good i feel so numb yeah!, know what.. this so called feeling does take a toll, or atleast that’s what one thinks. But the good thing is that, being indifferent makes you look at everything in neither a positive way nor a negative way, you are just being, indifferent (remember?).

You are one with the everything thats happening around, absorbing and evolving to live better in this fucked up world (no one would negate that- except the indifferent people of course, who don’t care anyway)

Reminds of PinkFloyd’s twisted tribute – “Comfortably Numb”. *f phew


One Response to “Numb”

  1. I’ve become so numb.

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