There come instances once in a while, when you come across things that remind you of the past.These instances could be something you see, smell, hear, feel, touch, dream, read, write, speak, think, etc…. memories remain… and surface during these instances.

Memories are both good and bad, you can feel the nostalgia and even Deja Vu sometimes.  Here we go again with a song that am reminded of writing this – 😀 —-                                                                                                                                    “Fortune, fame
Mirror vain
Gone insane
But the memory remains”- Metallica’s “Memory Remains”

Was listening to Nirvana’s “Big Long Now” the other day, when memories came rushing in of the time say- exactly 8 years back, when i hadnt any clue of what to do in life, and was exactly tripping on this kind of stuff at a sultry sea shore. Yeah those were interesting times. And about the afore mentioned lullaby(???) (fuck it!) Mr. Cobain goes at his endless mournful singin’ and with a beutiful backing my Krist & Dave, hail these bastards.

So to put an end to this topic, memories are good. They remind one of their past, their life, and everything REAL, and leave the doors to the (not so REAL) future ajar!


One Response to “Remembrance”

  1. Fan-effin’-tastic!

    True, Mr. SATS. Memories are healthy. Good or bad. The let you realise that you are human. Or at least once were!

    Cannot resist adding these lines, since you’ve mentioned them:

    “Its not cool enough.
    Peace is put side up.
    She is movin thru.
    Can we show our faces now?”

    Rhetorical? Maybe 🙂

    Cheers! And keep blogging.


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