Defy! Such a nice word!, once in a while every one will get to defy “things” that are not up to their.. well, wavelength – be it either physical, mental or friggin’ astral!

And as usual – here goes a song that I am reminded of – “The Blazing Monoliths Of Defiance” – by Dimmu Borgir – basically an ode to err, the all defiant (?) Satan… and yeah what a fucking ode in all its sonic blasphemy much akin to the earthly monument the band name refers to (Dimmu Borgir is a volcano, dead otherwise in the cold dark niches of the Scandinavia)

So, coming back to the topic, is there any reason to defy at all? may be or may be not… its just a “may”. Almost every person who has defied (if not utterly) had to face the music, some way or the other. Denial, Dissapproval, Non-Acceptance, etc., make life more interesting; and yeah the reasons/causes behind defiance- make life shit, and not the other way round.

Guess, one should learn to adjust with reality rather than fighting it – even though this adjusting screws up the inside. No wonder, no one knows what they are doing, what they are thinking, why they ARE, and everyone can feel the strained nerve that this reality is- but are just ignoring it.

Blissful Distopia!! And we all Love it this way!!! Probably, it’s supposed to be this way!!


One Response to “Defiance!”

  1. Distopia and blissful! Never thought the two could be married. But well, oh well, defiance may lead to distopia, but the fact that you defied, is reason enough to be blissful. Point taken and what a damn bloody good point that is!


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