yes, this “term” is most confusing adjective (?) that ever encompassed and confused the human finite mind! unlike its much simpler counterpart – the ever convenient HATE

its been quite sometime since i came across This Love (!) – again, it remins me of Pantera’s song of the same name – the lyric just goes – “I will Kill Myself For you and Kill You for Myself”—-  fucking interesting i say!

So, well it just crossed my mind- as an usual thought that generally passes my head… nothing, just made me think that its in everything –

Hate is Very Less Love

Anger is Love gone the wrong way

Ecstasy is the output of Love

One can kill for Love

One Can Live For Love

Every one can Love

Die for Love

One Can Hate Love and vice versa

Work For Love

Write For Love

(bloody).. etc, etc, etc,

so it seems that there are more negative things  that love relates to … which is just a state of mind…

To finish this “chillar” blabber , let me end it on some positive note – by one Mr. Jimi Hendrix – “If the Power of Love takes over the Love For Power, the world will know peace” – well said eh! from a guy who died presumably by drug overdose that too at the age of 27… Thats Love, I guess!!


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