Usually, i evade- rather adjust with reality.. but there are times when i bang straight into it, and then i think. So let me think 😀

and yeah this time am listening to “Bathory” one of the pioneers of Black / Viking Metal. The band was formed when the great Mr. Quorthon (founder of the band) was barely 18 years, he was actually 17.  The track is “A Fine Day To Die”- where a lyric just goes – “Diiiiieeeeee!” gravelly throated at that, with a pure chaotic & beautiful rhythm to back it.

Btw Quorthon is Dead! Heart Failure! Nothing unexpected!

anyways interestingly, the reality i felt was suddenly about £Øν€.. more generally that is.. how it is related to everything, everybloodything… am still thinking, so long.. till next time


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