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Posted in Writing's on the Wall on March 28, 2009 by Sunil Anand

I am Sorry….

for everyone
to everyone
for myself (sometimes)
to my loved ones
for ones’ whom i might have loved
to ones who might have loved me
for the departed
to friends
for friends (some)
to family
for family
to let it go
for not letting it go

but u gotta do when u gotta do
i will see you when i see you
but i can’t express myself sometimes
i can’t say..
but i can

.. wat say.. @#$&* ?



Posted in Writing's on the Wall on March 23, 2009 by Sunil Anand

This is one thing that’s forever and keeps you going on…! So when does one feel happy, well there are several instances…

Under a beautiful and open sky
when everything around is beautiful
when you forget everything bad
playing with children
being with family
thinking of the past
meeting old friends
listening to music
when in love, (in and out of love – bon jovi)
knowing god – y’know
walking on an old familiar street
watching sparrows
pondering over the “wasted” years 😀
being positive minded
etc, etc.,

feeling pretty good this fine monday morning (of all the days).. $hit gotta go to office, but that’s fine


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on March 20, 2009 by Sunil Anand

Empty! Numb! Indifference! Careless!(?) Aloof! — are these good feelings or are they bad, or who cares? eh… anyways, everyone feel “these” occasionally – that should be a friggin’ irony… but what if this feeling is a part of life, rather a way of life.

What then!?

Who gives a shit!

The feelings will be there, we will be there, everything goes on, life goes on (we don’t). Well then – as Mr. Rob Zombie put it, i feel so good i feel so numb yeah!, know what.. this so called feeling does take a toll, or atleast that’s what one thinks. But the good thing is that, being indifferent makes you look at everything in neither a positive way nor a negative way, you are just being, indifferent (remember?).

You are one with the everything thats happening around, absorbing and evolving to live better in this fucked up world (no one would negate that- except the indifferent people of course, who don’t care anyway)

Reminds of PinkFloyd’s twisted tribute – “Comfortably Numb”. *f phew


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on March 16, 2009 by Sunil Anand

There come instances once in a while, when you come across things that remind you of the past.These instances could be something you see, smell, hear, feel, touch, dream, read, write, speak, think, etc…. memories remain… and surface during these instances.

Memories are both good and bad, you can feel the nostalgia and even Deja Vu sometimes.  Here we go again with a song that am reminded of writing this – 😀 —-                                                                                                                                    “Fortune, fame
Mirror vain
Gone insane
But the memory remains”- Metallica’s “Memory Remains”

Was listening to Nirvana’s “Big Long Now” the other day, when memories came rushing in of the time say- exactly 8 years back, when i hadnt any clue of what to do in life, and was exactly tripping on this kind of stuff at a sultry sea shore. Yeah those were interesting times. And about the afore mentioned lullaby(???) (fuck it!) Mr. Cobain goes at his endless mournful singin’ and with a beutiful backing my Krist & Dave, hail these bastards.

So to put an end to this topic, memories are good. They remind one of their past, their life, and everything REAL, and leave the doors to the (not so REAL) future ajar!


Posted in Writing's on the Wall on March 13, 2009 by Sunil Anand

Defy! Such a nice word!, once in a while every one will get to defy “things” that are not up to their.. well, wavelength – be it either physical, mental or friggin’ astral!

And as usual – here goes a song that I am reminded of – “The Blazing Monoliths Of Defiance” – by Dimmu Borgir – basically an ode to err, the all defiant (?) Satan… and yeah what a fucking ode in all its sonic blasphemy much akin to the earthly monument the band name refers to (Dimmu Borgir is a volcano, dead otherwise in the cold dark niches of the Scandinavia)

So, coming back to the topic, is there any reason to defy at all? may be or may be not… its just a “may”. Almost every person who has defied (if not utterly) had to face the music, some way or the other. Denial, Dissapproval, Non-Acceptance, etc., make life more interesting; and yeah the reasons/causes behind defiance- make life shit, and not the other way round.

Guess, one should learn to adjust with reality rather than fighting it – even though this adjusting screws up the inside. No wonder, no one knows what they are doing, what they are thinking, why they ARE, and everyone can feel the strained nerve that this reality is- but are just ignoring it.

Blissful Distopia!! And we all Love it this way!!! Probably, it’s supposed to be this way!!

Music over the years … and on

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Posted in Writing's on the Wall on March 5, 2009 by Sunil Anand

yes, this “term” is most confusing adjective (?) that ever encompassed and confused the human finite mind! unlike its much simpler counterpart – the ever convenient HATE

its been quite sometime since i came across This Love (!) – again, it remins me of Pantera’s song of the same name – the lyric just goes – “I will Kill Myself For you and Kill You for Myself”—-  fucking interesting i say!

So, well it just crossed my mind- as an usual thought that generally passes my head… nothing, just made me think that its in everything –

Hate is Very Less Love

Anger is Love gone the wrong way

Ecstasy is the output of Love

One can kill for Love

One Can Live For Love

Every one can Love

Die for Love

One Can Hate Love and vice versa

Work For Love

Write For Love

(bloody).. etc, etc, etc,

so it seems that there are more negative things  that love relates to … which is just a state of mind…

To finish this “chillar” blabber , let me end it on some positive note – by one Mr. Jimi Hendrix – “If the Power of Love takes over the Love For Power, the world will know peace” – well said eh! from a guy who died presumably by drug overdose that too at the age of 27… Thats Love, I guess!!