hmmmmmm… bloody hmmmmmm…

just thought i should start blogging so here goes….

i type this as i listen to one of my fav (once upon a time) bands – Disturbed – and David Draiman is saying “Your mind won’t let you say that you want me, then want me” nice timing eh for a perfect mood to type- rather head banging!

I’ve always had this question WHY? – for everything- getting, taking, living, thinking, asking, eating, dying, swimming, driving, listening, headbanging, enjoying, saying, talking, good, bad, god, devil, heaven, hell, (everything in between), friend, enemy, family, job, country, world, universe, existence, writing, irony, death, life, sadness, ecstasy, hurt, love, hate, music, art, self, — this list could go on, go fucking figure…

then again, there is no answer- if there is any that’s just a convenient load of self satisfactory answer that reminds us not to bother about the question. thats what is a eternal vicious cycle made up of not steel but core black holed irony!!

.. and yeah this is what one ends up typing!


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