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I See You

I see….

Dead people?
A lonely person..
someone on the highway..
a corner
a cart..
the sky
a bird…
the road
someone singing
a child
the night
the dawn
the cross
broken glass

I see..


3 Years and.. say about 4 Months…

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Hear I am, after a sweet goddamn 3 + years there abouts… and pray what made me to write, u say? MUSIC is all.. its midnitght and the wind is a blowing nice n cold.. just laid my daughter (yes, its been 3 years \m/) to sleep..

the minds been racing for almost close to a year now..! now that am a father, with a lovely beautiful, angel of a daughter; and yes an equally heavenly wife :)

thinking what to write.. but, no, what? yeah, right..

this what happens after a gap too long.. but one things definite – Music is, was, and will always be an inspiration for me (next to probably books)

Am sleepy, but banging on equally sleepy, doom laden, head banging, sweet symphonic piece by “Green Carnation” the songs just about an hour long if you aske me (or if you want to know)…

Well.. gotta hit the sack now.. I definitely am planning to write more and make it a habit, say like once in a week.. well, atleast once in a month kinda visit to my blog, and write about things that mattered, matter, and will matter..

Till then.. stay alive!!

Full Moon!!!

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I guess I was in Love all along, just that I didn’t realize it!

The first time i saw her, I was in LOVE with her hair and as time passed I started loving her eyes, her smile, her talk and her touch too (though it was just a hand shake)
Then we started “chatting”, more like testing the waters, coz I never was keen on a relationship.. then she okayed a date, which I thought she wouldn’t :P
..and the dates were on, i held her hand one day (took quite an effort though :D) then it went on.. pretty much a regular happening..

Then I told her that I missed her (which i really meant s she was outta town!) and the time I told her that I love her was the result of me being myself – late, careless, insensitive, etc., am trying to change myself ,to some extent n keep her happy, with great difficulty (believe me, its difficult)

I always thought of writing about US, but cud never, coz i cud never.. now that I am writing, thats definitely a change (though small)..


One Day I realized that She too Loves me! (god (n she) knows why)
Sometimes you don’t realize, but you are in love! and I do love her and am happy that I realized it..!

P.S. Hope she like this, when she reads it…

P.P.S. To be n will be continued :)


Posted in Fiction: The Truth inside the Lie! on February 15, 2011 by Sunil Anand

“Why?” the stone cold voice asked, anger seething dangerously on the edge of insanity
“KILL” they shouted in unison
The place is crowded by ravenous blackness, pretty much closing in on all sides, claustrophobic..
“Life is a dream it never ends” a whisper floats, like mist on the tombs of a graveyard
The eyes of the voice loom over the wasted faces, pulling strings, weaving lives, destroying, creating, burning, killing..

“It’s just one big intrinsic apparatus”, the voice ponders “what if I just leave it or better..”
“KILLLL” the shouts are now screams, like hundreds of snakes shedding skins
“..destroy it”
“How many times should i do this?”
“As long as you live and as long as you feel, and as long as there is night & day.. and as long and as many times as we ask you to” rasps a voice..

It all started on a Monday morning, the doctor says “it’s done” a life is once again not lost. Years pass by, until another fine Monday when a mind got lost along with it the memories.. and yet another Monday, someone is murdered, “IT IS DONE” the voice says.
The Church, The River, The Christmas Tree, The Sea, The Street, The Cycle, The Hill, The Crowd
“How many times have you done this?” the judge asks
“I don’t remember”
“Are you trying to be mentally un-stable?”
“Doesn’t help coz you are not”
“I know”
“You have no sense of conscience, no feelings, no regrets and not fit for society”
“Who are you to decide that?” the cold voice asks
“You are a bane to humanity”
“Who gives you the right to decide someone’s fate?”
“You are hereby sentenced to the chair”

The last strap is clipped.
………..”Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”, “Kill”
“Do you have any last words?”
“Hahahaha” its a frozen smile that asks “Does any one have any?”
The Smile, The Touch, The Kiss, The Hand, The Knife, The Blood, The Skin

“This time its not dead, and it can never be”, the voice announces.
The screams don’t stop and they go on forever…
..and so does the voice….

Past……Present……n Future….

Posted in Writing's on the Wall on December 30, 2010 by Sunil Anand

200 odd Days!!! (or is it even?) Man, that’s the no: of days since I last wrote here…. Well, well, well, I have thought several times to write something, but was caught in the wheel of life.. (that’s kinda inspired by the “Wheel of Time” series that am currently reading- HARDCORE READ I SAY!!!!)

Nothing “much” changed in the last few months.. started off with an office set-up, running for money, more of running for stability yeah yeah..! so, was pushed by few close ppl to write something, actually 2.. one the guy who is behind me blogging at all and two the gal on whom I gotta write here someday…

Hmm… so wat to write about eh? Music has been a very good companion all this while… btw am right now checkin out some pretty cool doom $h!+ “Reverend Bizarre” first time I heard of them was like atleast 5 years back… well now am actually listening to them… all these metallers i see are pretty much inspired by books, that too the epic ones like Lord of the Rings primarily and even The Dark Tower Series… am sure someone will catch on to Wheel of Time, if not yet..

Btfw… even now I don’t have time to write this, the next line will be tomorrow…I guess!! (26th Nov, 2010)

Today’s 30th Dec, 2010 – A month and odd days, that’s when I got this free time to continue, if I may call it that… that too amidst a lil rush!

Time is something that runs & slips away, and more at it, when u try to catch up with it.. u get so stuck with setting up things, catching up with time, trying to make money, managing relationships, etc., etc., that you end up in a rut.. and become a frigging slave to the system… losing freedom.. and you don’t even realize it… was kinda listening to a song by Linkin Park- “Wrethches & Kings” its got an excerpt that goes –

“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.” – Pretty much heavy duty free speech eh..?

Well, I gotta keep it short coz I gotta jump to office… the thing is that I think am at a point of time where lotta things are happening, and I guess the future holds something big.. probably success, a lil financial stability & marriage for sure ;-) 2011 here I come…

Till next time.. god knows when that’s gonna be…!


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He suddenly wakes up from his dream. The dream’s slowly fading away, he wants to desperately remember it.. but it is faint, and is tethered onto his mind’s eye.. rapidly and surely disappearing.. as reality goes knock, knock surging him onto a two-way blurring veil between the real and the surreal. He prefers to forget it and whoosh gone it is, with the wind. Did he drink last night? He ponders as he gets up his bed….

“Hey” says Bobby. They weren’t the best of buddies, but do get along well.
“Man, let’s have a cuppa tea”, says Venkat.
“Screw you, I need some beer”
“Screw you back #@$%… I need beer with whisky, in a real good mood today y’know.. round up our guys and let’s do it”
“Hahaha, that’s more like it!”

The day has been a blur and its almost midnight. And what a day- a fight had ensued between the landlord and him, he beat the daylights out of bobby and threw him outta the house, his (to be) girlfriend okayed a date and his best friend smoked his first cigarette.

And he remembers almost everything and goes to bed…
He suddenly wakes up from his dream….

“Hey” says Bobby. They weren’t the best of buddies, but do get along well.

Life is Beautiful!

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Now it’s been one heck of a long break since I penned any thoughts! Well, was pretty stuck up with life, running, walking (literally), and catching up with things, still at it, *phew!! One fine day(s) you realize that TIME (reminds me of Anthrax’s – Persistence of Time :D) has gone behind you – missing out on all the good things like .. you know.., etc., etc.,

Man, is life good, heck yeah it is… all the $#!t that happens is all part of it… things keep happening, guess we should not let those bog us down! The other day I was catching up with some of my very old friends (we been through some pretty interesting stuff I should say) and we realized that we have come a long way—some 13 years or so.. talking of the good old days (now we ARE F#@$in old :P), of all the fights, deaths, breakups, marriages, craziness, and what not.. most of us did end up surviving successfully hahahahaha.. bloody nice!

One thing I kind of realized over the time is that, all bad things come to an end (as against “all good things come to an end”) well may be a little late.  But they do come to end, and the good stuff are forever..! good stuff like your dreams, aspirations, hope, confidence, soul, creativity, mind (even if you go crazy :D), imagination, etc., they just stay with you and no one can take them away except ourselves! The so called “bad” stuff are no match, they come and go! May be pain is an exception, screw it :)

Otherwise, life is going on ppl, been reading quite some books, catching up some old music (Cynic, Voivod to name a couple) doing some IT consulting stuff (on the verge of something exciting there), full fledged push for DogmaTone Records and yeah as usual partying (that’s something that bloody never gives up on me even if I do)



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