Sicario 2 – More entertaining than the prequel

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Well, as the title suggests the sequel to Sicario is way more entertaining than the prequel. Full credit goes to its Director Stefano Sollima, the movie is completely gripping from the start. Be it the ever dependable Benicio Del Toro’s acting or fresh off Avengers franchise our very own Thanos – Josh Brolin, the cast, background score, screenplay everything is just too good.

The movie throws a bit of a light on the immigration scenario / fiasco currently in the US. There’s even a dialogue in the movie refering to the POTUS as a coward! Well, political angles or otherwise the movie is definitely worth a watch if not two.

There’s definitely going to be a sequel, and with a different ‘Sicario’ too at that.

My rating is 4.5/5.



Marvel nails it with Infinity War – AVENGERS Forever!

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The 10 years milestone of the MCU is finally here and what a way to celebrate this with the culmination of all the Marvel heroes coming together to fight a galactic enemy. The movie gets crackling as soon as you get comfortable in your seat!
We’ve been getting glimpses of the antagonist throughout the 18 movies before Infinity war. Thanos the mad Titan, when first shown in the first Avengers’ post-credits scene, way back in 2012, gave us all the initial goosebumps of what is to come.
As predicted, the movies kept building this up, to the now final showdown for the infinity gauntlet. By now, everyone knows about the infinity stones and the power each of it wields and it’s no surprise that these are going into the glove which will be handled by Thanos as shown in the trailers.
The team from the Captain America movies and the polarized Civil war movie, give us an airtight plot and taut direction keeping all the threads in place and handling all the different arcs and never letting the excitement down. Especially, the pacing, it is just amazing. There is never a moment in the movie, where you feel you can relax or let go of the armrest, as its nonstop barrage of action and tension.
And then there are the different AVENGER ENTRY SCENES, which you can’t but shout out loud for. Its also common knowledge now that there will be few deaths in the movie and even in such dire straits, the humor is maintained in the movie without making it look forced. It comes out more as macho, sarcastic, with a don’t care attitude, fitting well with this high adrenaline-filled film.
Don’t worry about how the movie will end, just ‘cos there is a second part, this movie in itself is self-contained. Just like how certain comic arcs finish at what looks like a cliffhanger and it picks up in a different arc. Do not forget the post-credits scene at the end of all the credits. There is only one and it is totally worth it! Although non-hardcore fans might not get it immediately. It just keeps the expectations high for the next installment of Marvel movies. And a very special mention for Thanos, Josh Brolin nailed it!
Marvel movies have always one-upped on DC, due to one fact and one fact only. They still feel like the comic books that we love and read as kids. Superhero movies can be fun and serious at the same time, they don’t need to be dark and grim. Infinity War is no exception, its like you’re watching a comic book come to life.
There is a meme going around in anticipation of the movie, these past few weeks. With a kid watching the Iron Man in 2008 and a 20 something watching Infinity War in 2018. The emotions are higher for those of us, who actually read all these comics as kids and are now actually seeing them come alive on the big screen. The fact that they are so well made, is just the icing on the cake.
Truly an age of nerds and I’m glad. Now, if only DC would up its game, with Shazam, Black Adam, and Aquaman coming up, comic book lovers everywhere can unite and not have stupid fights over DC vs Marvel.
My Rating 5/5!

Business Rules

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Rule 1: Never Lose Money

Rule 2: Never forget Rule # 1

Rule 3: Be Paranoid

Rule 4: Greed is Good (Gordon Gecko!!)

Rule 5: Balance EVERYTHING

Rule 6: Screw and Get Screwed – BOTH

Rule 7: Get Inspired


Rule 9: Always Listen

Rule 10: Talk Less

Bharat Ane Nenu – Politically Yours

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Went for ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ first day first show, thanks to my friend Kasi who is a big fan of Mahesh Babu, and wasn’t disappointed. The movie had Mahesh Babu written allover it with a political angle.

The storyline is pretty standard – a UK returned guy is pushed into politics and takes it upon himself to weed of all corruption, ensure good education and healthcare, develop the villages through ‘self governance’, and more. The treatment is pretty slick, with various scenes for Mahesh fans. As the CM of “United” Andhra Pradesh Mahesh Babu does a suave yet picture perfect job and kudos to him. Plus points are the dialogues and direction, whereas the minus points are the music and lack of comedy. Kiara Advani as Mahesh Babu’s love interest is OK and Prakash Raj as usual is good, though his roles these days are becoming a bit repetitive (ref: the blockbuster rangasthalam).
The movie has repeat value and according to me has ‘hit’ material rather than a super hit. Safe to say that Koratala Siva and Mahesh Babu combination has yet again hit the bull’s eye!
My rating is 3.5/5.

Freelancing Vs. Starting a Business

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indecisive and lost man chooses the right path


Anyone who wanted to quit their jobs and start off on their own would definitely have this question, well most of them anyways. Let’s look at some pointers as to which is a better option.

If you opt for freelancingYou have to be an expert at what you do and that’s the bottom-line. You are your own boss that’s a given, and its more of a solo / single man show. And the money is limited and so is the work as you are just a single person running your own show – with a home office. Your target clientele would be startups or companies willing to work with freelancers and independent consultants. Believe it or not there are both big (sometimes) and small businesses who seek freelancers.


1) You aren’t dependent on anyone and the responsibility completely lies on you.

2) The money is decent once you start getting clients.

3) You can work on your own terms.

4) There is no investment required.


1) Your work is limited and you can’t take up more work and hence not make more money.

2) Scope of learning is limited as you are limited to your own expertise.

3) Most of your time is spent either on getting leads or on executing work. Balancing them both becomes difficult.

4) As a freelancer getting the payments realized becomes bit of a challenge – and most of the time you end up working “cheap”.

If you opt for starting your own companyYou should have an excellent and responsible core team and that’s the bottom-line here. If you don’t have team sharing responsibilities and work delegated – then don’t bother setting up a business as its no more a single man show. Money will be good not initially though and being persistent is the key here.


1) You have a team to deliver work and responsibility is shared.

2) More scope to take up additional work.

3) Good learning cycle and scope of growth.

4) You can concentrate on your core competencies and leave the other aspects  operational, delivery, etc for others to handle.


1) There are dependencies and any loose ends on team performances means business is affected.

2) If not lot, but quite a bit of investment is required .

3) Higher risk as your investment is also at stake.

4) You might end up taking care of other activities like managing operations / getting clients rather than your core competency – balancing is very important here.

From personal experience, my opinion is first get onto freelancing for sometime and later-on once you get the right and like minded people go ahead and start your business.

How to find a Business Lead?

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Now that’s a question every entrepreneur, sales and a business development person wants answered.

Well, there are several ways – traditional and non-traditional ways to generate leads and business. I would like to put across 2 main points to be considered. Read on..

1) Find out the needs / requirements

Everyone has requirements. Be it an individual, entity, start-up, SME, MNC or a multi-million dollar conglomerate – EVERYONE needs something or the other. The key is to find out what their needs are and match them to our product / service offerings and contact them.

And how do we do that? Let’s take an use case – A ‘Non Tech’ start-up has posted on a job portal or LinkedIn that they are looking for a Mobile App Developer. And if your service includes Mobile App Development – you have a connect! Tell the client (them being a non tech firm) to take care of their core business and to outsource their Mobile App Dev requirement. Rest is all about how good your portfolio is, the costs, and the expertise.

Once you find out that the prospect has a requirement, it becomes a warm lead from a cold one and you will be practically pitching only to warm leads – thus saving your time and being more efficient.

2) Create requirement(s)

There’s always a better way to do things and things can always be ‘more better and efficient’. One just needs to put this across to the prospect party.

– A Website can always be bettered – suggest a CMS probably

– An offline business would do better by going online

– If you have a product, am sure there are prospects who would need that

– Any business with online presence needs Digital Marketing

– Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Transport, Travel, Supply Chain, BFSI, IT, ITeS, eCommerce, Gaming or any other vertical (or horizontal) all of them need to scale up.

We just need to find out how they can be bettered and what value we are adding to their business – and they WILL want it and take it!

Just remember, one needs to offer a ‘Business Solution‘ and not just any solution be it technical, staffing, digital, etc..

My 2 Pence..

Should you hire an External Sales Firm to handle your Business?

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osheader2I have come across this question raised by an associate that I know of – who has just started off a business; and joined the ranks of the ever flourishing Startup ecosystem.

This is a very valid query – especially for all the startups out there. The questions that pop-up are:

1) Do I need a Sales Team?
2) When should I Hire a Sales team?
3) Can I manage a Sales team?
4) If I hire an internal team – what if they don’t deliver?
5) Should I hire an internal Sales team? or Outsource the whole shindig?

Well, let’s approach these questions objectively..

Do I need a Sales Team?

This is the question all startup businesses need to ask themselves. Well, the answer is YOU DO! Even though there are various online channels to generate sales & leads – a Sales Team is definitely a need; be it a Product or a Service. Every Business Needs Sales and that’s about it.

When should I Hire a Sales team?

To put it simply –

If you are a Product company – you will need the sales team as soon as the product is ready. Of course, tie-ups, marketing efforts, etc., should be done much earlier at the prototype or the MVP stage.

If you are a Services company – you need a sales team right from the beginning.

Can I manage a Sales team?

Simple, if you or someone from your team is from a Sales background – only then can you manage a Sales Team. Else, hire someone who can manage the team or just outsource it.

If I hire an internal sales team – what if they don’t deliver?

This question is like a hanging sword – before you realize you would have burnt cash on a non-performing Sales Team. Most new Sales Teams don’t deliver immediately – and with out the right management its all gonna go south.

Should I hire an internal Sales team? or Outsource the whole shindig?

And, the answer(s) to the question is –
> You Hire an Internal Sales Team if you are confident, have sales experience and can manage the team
> You hire an External Sales Firm to handle your business, in case you cannot afford hiring a team fulltime.

Outsourcing your Sales to an external firm is always a better choice – as it saves your time, money & most importantly ensures business is running!